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  • Levenshtein Distance

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    Challenge Description:

    Two words are friends if they have a Levenshtein distance of 1 (For details see Levenshtein distance). That is, you can add, remove, or substitute exactly one letter in word X to create word Y. A word’s social network consists of all of its friends, plus all of their friends, and all of their friends’ friends, and so on. Write a program to tell us how big the social network for the given word is, using our word list.

    Input sample:

    The first argument will be a path to a filename, containing words, and the word list to search in. The first N lines of the file will contain test cases, they will be terminated by string 'END OF INPUT'. After that there will be a list of words one per line. E.g

    recursiveness elastic macrographies END OF INPUT aa aahed aahs aalii ... ... zymoses zymosimeters

    Output sample:

    For each test case print out how big the social network for the word is. In sample the social network for the word 'elastic' is 3 and for the word 'recursiveness' is 1. E.g.

    1 3 1
    Number of test cases N in range(15, 30)
    The word list always will be the same and it's length will be around 10000 words

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